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6 Signs Your Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

July 6, 2022 | Blog

Despite routine filter cleaning or replacement, your home HVAC system still gets dirty during everyday use. It is easy for dust, pollen, mold spores, and other debris to become stuck on your air ducts and flow through your air vent. This not only significantly reduces the indoor air quality of your home, but it cause your entire system to work harder!

Southern Air South Louisiana air conditioning experts have seen the difference it makes when air ducts are routinely cleaned and serviced. Many homeowners wait until they notice their ducts are in a severe state to do something about it. Read below to become familiar with the signs that your HVAC system needs a duct cleaning.

1. Dust and Debris

If you find that surfaces in your home are consistently dusty no matter how much you clean, this could be a sign you need your ducts cleaned. Even the most pristine home gets dust and build-up. Take a look at your supply and return vents. If both sides are coated in dust, your system is due for a cleaning.

2. Mold and Mildew

Mold is sneaky and finds its way to many unsuspecting surfaces. Having mold or mildew present in your air ducts should be alarming! Air coming through your system will spread those spores rapidly throughout your home. This spreading will impact your indoor air quality significantly.

3. Clogged Air Filters

Your air filters should be changed or cleaned regularly. The recommended stent is 90 days, but every home is different. However, if you have found that you are changing these filters weekly or even monthly, your best option is to call in an expert to clean and examine your ducts.

4. Pest or Insects

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for rodents or insects to find their way into your vents. The pest leaves behind all sorts of bacteria and even feces. You do not want this blowing through your vents. If you’ve spotted a nuisance or even suspect you’ve heard movement in your ducts, it’s time to call in a professional!

5. High Energy Bills

Homeowners typically establish routine use of their HVAC systems by learning the most comfortable and cost-effective setting to have the system on. If you have to constantly adjust your AC to settings you’ve never needed before, get a technician to clean any debris blocking airflow. The cleaning could save you the upcharges on your bill!

6. Recent Home Renovations

Most people know how messy construction work is. The mess that can often go unseen is what your vents have taken in throughout the renovation process. Sawdust, dirt, and powdered chemicals can easily flow through your system after a project. Thoroughly cleaning your air ducts will make all the difference in your home.

Need Air Duct Cleaning? Hire Us!

If you recognize any of these signs on your air ducts, you should clean your air ducts out now rather than wait until damage ensues. Hiring a professional AC maintenance team is your best option – cleaning your system’s air ducts is not something that you should attempt on your own.

Your vent system is complex and requires specific tools to best service your HVAC system. Our team of indoor air quality experts at Southern Air South Louisiana are trained to use commercial-grade tools and knowledge to spot other potential issues your system may have. Contact us today to learn more!

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