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Dependable AC Replacement Services in Jeanerette

Here in Southern Louisiana, it’s so important that our air conditioners are operating dependably and efficiently. With heavy humidity and soaring temperatures dogging our every step, the last thing we need is a failing or struggling AC. If you suspect you need an AC installation upgrade or you’re in the market for an AC for your new home, make sure your investment is a good one!

Southern Air South Louisiana is dedicated to making your AC unit installation stress-free and reliable. Not only do we perform a flawless technical installation of your new unit, but we also help you make all the decisions required to purchase the best unit for your home. With our team at your side, your home will be able to fight the worst of the Jeanerette summer heat while saving you money!

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your AC Unit

Investing in a new air conditioner is no small feat, so when is it time to throw in the towel on your old, struggling unit? We all want to push off AC replacement as long as we can, but if you notice these symptoms in your home, an AC replacement is probably not far down the road:

  • Inconsistent airflow
  • Indoor humidity
  • Odd sounds
  • Strange odors
  • Rising energy bills
  • Frequent repairs

As time passes, your AC will begin to deteriorate. With so many moving parts, it’s natural for them to start to wear out. Besides completing yearly AC maintenance on your unit, there’s nothing you can do to stop your unit from weakening over time. Although a typical air conditioner is expected to last upwards of 10 years, you should always stay aware of the signs listed above which mean your unit is starting to fail.

We know that AC breakdowns are never convenient, and that’s why we want to help get your home cooling again as quickly as possible. With your needs and budget in mind, our professional team will help you make the quick decisions required to purchase a new cooling unit. This includes heating load calculations and more important replacement factors.

Important AC Replacement Factors

Replacing your AC is actually a lot more involved than most people realize. If this process is not given enough thought and attention, you could wind up with an inefficient or problematic unit for over 10 years! That’s a long time to be dissatisfied! That’s why our team is committed to helping you consider every decision with the help of our years of industry experience. Have you fully answered some of these important questions about your AC installation, Jeanerette?

What type of AC should I get?

Nowadays, even the kind of air conditioner you want to invest in is another decision you have to make. With traditional central AC, ductless AC and heat pumps as options for your home’s cooling needs, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. This is where valuable insights about your home and needs make a big difference. Our team can help you determine which kind of cooling system fits your home the best. Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that experts have recommended the most effective option for your home!

What size AC is best?

There are many different sizes of air conditioners for a reason — the best size depends on your home and cooling demands. Many homeowners may wonder why the size of the AC matters so much, but it has a huge effect on your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

A unit that is too small will struggle to keep up with your cooling needs, running long cycles and wasting a lot of energy. However, a unit that is too large will run short cycles, leaving most of your air poorly dehumidified. It’s best to have a professional calculation done to figure out how much cooling power you need.

What does SEER mean?

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measures how much energy an AC unit takes to produce chilled air. There’s a wide range of SEER ratings available to you, so you need to be able to weigh how important efficiency is in your priority list. Whether you’re fine with the industry standard or would like to invest in a higher SEER rating, a professional can assist you in deciding which SEER works best for you.

Getting All Your Ducts In A Row

If your new unit is a traditional HVAC system, then you have another thing to worry about: ducts. If your home is brand new, you might have to purchase a ductwork system from the get-go. Even if you have existing ductwork, it needs to be evaluated and laid correctly to allow your new AC unit to operate efficiently. You need a team that won’t just connect your new air conditioner to the existing ducts and leaves. If adjustments or new ducts are required, our team will make sure that the entire system is up and running properly so that your AC replacement starts off on the right foot.

Don’t let that crisp, cool air escape through air duct leaks or reach your home lukewarm. Let the pros do what we do best!

The Southern Air Guarantee

We know that choosing an air conditioning company to install your new unit is a big decision, and we want you to feel 100% confident in our team That’s why we offer so many guarantees that ensure complete satisfaction — both in skill and service provided. We care about your home’s efficiency and comfort, and that passion is reflected in every action we take. From our helpful customer service representatives to our knowledgeable technicians and installers, you’ll receive the best service possible.

Are You Ready For Premier Air Conditioning Installation Services?

The search for your perfect local Jeanerette AC company is over. Southern Air South Louisiana is standing by to start your AC replacement journey the right way. You deserve transparent pricing, honest recommendations and top-quality service. So, let us give it to you! Ultimate comfort is just a call away!


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