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AC Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Jeanerette Rapid Response AC Repairs

With intense humidity and roasting temperatures here in Jeanerette, even the best air conditioner can sometimes be overwhelmed. Especially with a higher demand for cool air in our homes, our ACs are vulnerable to a number of inconvenient repairs over the years. When your cooling system is struggling, you don’t have time to waste on wishy-washy AC companies. You need a quick, dependable service you know will get the job done right.

Southern Air South Louisiana is dedicated to the community’s comfort and safety. We know that a broken AC is more than an annoyance — it can be extremely dangerous during the stifling summers! If you want a team who will listen to your concerns, provide quick AC solutions and treat you with the utmost respect, you’re in the right place.

Warning Signs That Your AC Needs Repairs

Our service can only get to your home if you know how to recognize the early signs of a looming Jeanerette air conditioning repair. That means the better you are at noticing things are off with your cooling system, the faster our team can resolve the problem. How do you know that your AC needs repairs? Keep an eye out for some of these common signs of AC unit repair.

AC Noises & Odors

We’re all used to the familiar rumble of air when our air conditioners turn on and start pushing cool air into our home. If you start to hear any sounds that aren’t part of your AC’s normal performance, there’s likely a problem. Don’t let that squealing, rattling or hissing noise go unattended. Ask for professional assistance from the best Jeanerette AC repair service team.

Similarly, with odd smells, you don’t want an odor to take over your home. From burning electrical parts to animal carcasses to gasses, pay attention to the smells that are coming from your vents. You could avoid a major disaster by simply calling an expert instead of waiting for the problem to get worse.

Warm Air From AC

If your air conditioning unit is not delivering frosty cool air to your home, don’t suffer through it! There are several simple repairs that an AC technician can make to get your home feeling cooler. An AC that is using energy but not cooling the air is a waste of time and money, so let us fix it!

Inconsistent AC Airflow

You may be getting some cool air from your vents, but is it a strong, steady flow? If your home has hot and cold spots or struggles to feel cool when the AC is running, you need AC repair services. Your ductwork could be hindering the flow of air, but the inner components of your AC unit could be in trouble too. Let the pros handle your AC repair quickly and effectively.

Leaking AC

Other than some normal condensation accumulation, your AC shouldn’t be producing enough liquid to pool on the floor. If you notice a water leak, you need a professional’s help. *Warning: If you have an unidentified refrigerant leak, you could be in danger. Refrigerant is highly dangerous when exposed to people. Proceed with caution if you suspect any kind of leak from your air conditioner.

Rising Energy Bills

If you’re shocked when you get your utility bill at the end of the month, your AC might have a problem. Steady AC use should never cause an unexplained spike in energy usage. Your air conditioner could be cycling continuously or be struggling to keep up with demand. Our team can pinpoint what has caused so much inefficiency and get your unit back on track!

What’s Wrong With Your AC?

We’ve been around the block a time or two, which means that we know every single one of the AC repairs that crop up here in the Jeanerette area. If you’re curious about what could be plaguing your unit before a professional arrives to help you out, here are some of the most common home AC repairs our team makes in Southern Louisiana:

  • Frozen ACs
  • Leaks
  • Clogged Air Filters
  • Mechanical Breaks

After our team identifies what’s wrong with your AC unit, you can count on us to recommend the best resolution as well. We strive to get your unit up and running again as quickly as possible. Whether you have a small problem or a major breakdown, we won’t leave you hanging. Our team is on your side, no matter what the outcome. That’s why you can trust us to recommend the best repair for your AC or even an AC replacement if the unit is beyond help.

Making our services as useful and available to you as possible is important to us. We bring our full focus and attention to your home in order to perform our best work. Our well-stocked vehicles make same-day repairs a possibility for your convenience and comfort, too. We take care of you and your home. We’re here to serve you!

The Southern Air South Louisiana Difference

Our team of technicians, installers and customer service representatives has been serving the Jeanerette area for over two decades. That’s a lot of time to perfect our AC services and customer experience standards. When your AC needs attention, count on the company that knows what they’re doing and puts you first. With our Ironclad Guarantees backing up our service, you can be sure that everything we say and do is honest. From the first person you speak with to the last technician that walks out your door, you can expect nothing less than the stellar service you deserve!

Your Trusty AC Repair Team

Our team provides thorough AC repairs that will stand the test of time. When you need a quick solution to get your family comfortable again, let us help you. Southern Air South Louisiana is dedicated to serving you! We promise a worry-free experience that will leave you 100% satisfied with every aspect of our service. Affordable AC repairs are only a call away! Pick up the phone!

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Prompt Service

Arrived promptly. Clearly discussed with me the issue with my unit. Compressor is going bad. Was able to give me quotes for work to be done, when and finance options available including 0% interest for 3 years of I were to replace entire outdoor unit.

Kira R.

Highly Recommended

Service is 1st rate as always. I’ve always been satisfied with Southern Air Heating and Cooling South Louisiana. From installing a new heating and cooling system to routine maintenance, this is the company to choose. Highly recommended for all your heating and cooling needs.

Stacie L.

Very Efficient

Very efficient. I called at 245pm on a Friday, was told the tech would be at my residence at 4, he was here by 3! He quickly identified and thoroughly explained the issue. Will have to make an appointment for the repairs, however I am confident the job will be done well

Crystal M.